UK Property Investment

Preparing for the right funding

When it comes time to search for funding for your UK property development, you'll want to ensure you have all your figures in order. You may have the best idea and ROI possible through your real estate ventures.

Still, when looking for funding from financial institutions, they're going to want to review all the calculations, forecasts, and financial reports clearly defined. Without these core pieces, it makes it hard for financial institutions to see if it's appropriate for them to provide you with funding. In turn, it could lead to them ultimately denying you funding altogether.

We have built out a reporting tool and calculator that will take all of your figures for your property development. This will help you organize them into readable financial documents. These will then be ready to send to any financial provider to request funding.

Our service is easy to use and is meant to help reassure these lenders that you're serious about the investment. It can also showcase how the funds are allocated and what the repayment schedule looks like. This tool is able to use a wide range of variables and relevant calculations regarding property investment. This helps produce a professional and holistic financial overview for all interested parties.

Development Funding

Regardless of your project size, we can help you find the development funding that meets your scale and budget. This is an especially good option when you're just starting as a small property development company and looking for that initial financing and liquidity. We help connect to numerous financial providers and find the best available option and rate for you based on your current financial situation.

We can also get you up to 100% financing for specific property developments. Those costs include the property development and construction or purchase price and other acquisition costs, such as the stamp duty. These typically work with no need for a personal guarantee for the fund. There are also flexible financing options with interest only charged on funds actually used.

Again, we want to make it as open and transparent as possible with our funding services. This is so you can concentrate on getting the area developed and eventually sold to fully pay off any of the outstanding loans and financing you've received.

Various profit-sharing schemes are also included in these financing options so that the borrower is incentivized to fund as much of your property development as possible.

Commercial properties: UK property investment and repurposing

We bring our extensive knowledge and experience to help provide a transparent and diversified investment model in relation to commercial properties. We work to eliminate unnecessary risks regarding UK property investment. Combining that experience with clear forecasting and estimates. At the same time, we're already ready to provide exceptional legal guidance and direction. This is in relation to any type of commercial property transaction.

In addition, we help to maximise returns and help generate alternative sources of income. We do this by repurposing your existing properties' services. We help to transform those properties to meet the current demands of the real estate markets. Making sure we are fully capable of what your construction needs would need to be.

In addition, we help to provide project management and oversight services on all renovations and redevelopments. This includes for marketing services for these repurposed properties. This helps maximise the value of any commercial investment by adapting to the current demand.

Regardless of how we work to advise you on your commercial strategies moving forward, we always provide open and accessible communication with you during the entire process.

Property investment in Poland and Norway as well as the UK

We have specialist knowledge when it comes to these two countries and their respective real estate markets. You may be looking to build upon your existing portfolio or are simply starting out. Either way, we always recommend choice real estate opportunities arising from Poland and Norway. We help you navigate these potential yet unfamiliar markets growing rapidly with strong economies to back them up.

Simply showcasing some exquisite properties and real estate opportunities isn't all. We can also be your local legal and financial support on the ground with our extensive network of service providers. They can help facilitate the sale of these properties in a smooth and streamlined process.

In addition, these providers can help streamline financial obligations, such as tax payments and expense payments. These all help with your investment management. There’s a variety of opportunities and investments that fit with a myriad of investment risk portfolios and individual investor requirements.

We aim to take advantage of these healthy and stable yet diverse markets to help provide you with both capital appreciation and growth. This is alongside fixed income from rentals of both residential and commercial properties.

Electric vehicle charging points management

As the demand for electric vehicle charging or "EV charging" continues to grow, you may find yourself in a position where you have a need to increase your own set of vehicle charging points, whether throughout the UK and Ireland, Europe, or throughout the Americas.

Whether you're looking to develop charging locations for properties you manage for residential or workplace charging or you want to establish a network of destination charging locations, we're ready today to help work with you to make your roadmap and vision a reality.

We work with an Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) system and software that helps us be hardware agnostic. We focus less on what type of charging system is available and more on combining as many various charging systems together in a software-connected network. The software itself is a proprietary customisable option that can help to fit your specific electric vehicle charging needs.

However small or large your EV charging needs are, we are ready to provide you with 24/7 customer services. Guaranteeing that you have your EV charging network established. In addition, having electric vehicle charging as an additional offering helps extend your investment portfolio's value. This is because EVs are becoming more and more popular.