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Interior fit-out

Whether residential or commercial, we'll help make your digital vision a reality. Once you've given your final approval, leave it to us to get the right supplies, vendors, and furniture to create the proper fit-out. We take a step-by-step approach, so you can still make changes in the middle of the fit-out! This helps you get the ultimate satisfaction with the end design. Once you're completely satisfied, we will do one final check with you, and then the fit-out will be complete.

Our Projects

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Open space arrangement

This open business space was arranged to create desk space, formal and casual meeting spaces using our furniture and by the use of non-fixed partitions.

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Open plan office space

This open plan office space uses simple and modern design desks with acoustic partitions enabling the limited room space to accommodate fifteen work stations.

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Casual meeting room

This casual meeting room is arranged to bring comfort and space by the use of our furniture that, in this case, is simple, solid and allows dividing the room into two meeting areas.

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Lounge furniture

This limited lounge space is well utilised by the use of our furniture that turns the room into a cosy relaxation place with options for social gathering as well as a relaxed movie night.