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Interior Design

The possibilities of what can be done inside the property can be just as important. With this we can provide you with multiple designs that you can experience yourself in VR and all crafted by our expert designers and consultants. Let us ensure you'll have the proper rendering of your vision in our virtual reality where you can easily adjust as needed. You can even have us develop this for your marketing purposes that you can share with prospective buyers as well.

Our Projects

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Open plan kitchen

This concept brought a solution to a small space of the open plan kitchen. Dining area was designed between the cosy living room and TV area, and the functional kitchen with bar area.

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Refreshed bedroom

Originally dull space for this bedroom was turned into a more spacious looking, bright coloured and more functional cosy area with added decorative black out curtains and artwork.

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The design added few practical options to this lounge. A long wall was brightened by a library wall, part of which comprises sliding doors that stores TV set readily available for movie nights.

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Designer bathroom

Old, traditional looking bathroom turned into a stylistically and aesthetically pleasing space that offers all bathroom facilities plus plenty of storage.