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We bring 2 whole decades of experience with us in a diversely qualified team. You could be looking for renovations or refurbishment or looking to handle extensions with structural works. Either way we've got you covered. We update you every step of the way and work towards a budget you can be happy with. At the same time we use our experience to keep your costs down while coming up with creative solutions to speed up construction safely and properly every time.

Our Projects

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Old kitchen

This was the original kitchen by the previous owners, that we started demolishing on day 2.

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1st Fixes in the new kitchen

1st fix mechanical and 1st fix electrical had been fitted in within first week of the project.

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Drylining and painting complete

Plastering and painting completed for the new kitchen, space for new light fittings are prepared too.

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Old living room

Previous owners’ living room built in cabinets that were demolished on day 2.

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1st fixes installed

1st fix electrical we installed within a week from the start. Drylining commenced soon after.

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Drylining ready

Plastering and painting is ready for the newly designed TV wall.

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Old bedroom

The old bedroom had sloping floor, ceiling and small bathroom. The works on these commenced on day 3.

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New bedroom underway

The bedroom’s ceiling and floor have been levelled up and the en-suite bathroom was enlarged.